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Model United Nations New Silk Way 2018

In Almaty, at Al-Farabi KazNU, was held the largest international student conference "The 7th International Model of the United Nations - New Silk Road" (MUN-NSW 2018) in Central and South Asia. The New Silk Road model of the United Nations (MUN NSW) is a fascinating combination of a discussion club and a conference. MUN reproduces the activities of various UN agencies in real time and teaches diplomatic and negotiation skills. Participants include students from colleges and universities, high school students, young researchers and teachers, as well as all people interested in UN activities. Members modeled the United Nations acquire diplomatic, leadership, public and language skills and the ability to come to a compromise. They act as delegates or observers, representing one of the UN member states or organizations that have observer status. Moreover, they work together to propose ways of addressing the issues of the regional and global agenda of the UN.The 7th International Student Conference "Model UN - New Silk Road" was held on the following committees: United Nations General Assembly - "Refugee and migration crisis as a problem of global security". United Nations Security Council - "Building regional security Afghanistan and the Middle East" "United Nations Economic and Social Council – UNICEF’’(Language of the World Economic and Social Council) the Committee: Russian) - "Global problems and trends in the provision of humanitarian assistance to children" The conference was attended by more than 350 delegates from 20 countries, including Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, India, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, as well as students from the United States, Italy, France, etc. While opening theconference the rector of KazNU Galymkair Mutanovnoted the importance of holding similar events foryoung people: "Our University is grateful to the UN representatives in our country, the US ConsulateGeneral in Almaty, the representatives of the MFA ofRK for the support of the student program, which hasbecome a real breakthrough project of the youth of thecountries of Asia. We are proud that it is to our university that the flagship of Kazakhstan universities has the honor to conduct such a responsible and important event of an international level. The very idea of ​​the UN is wonderful: to create an exciting role-playing conference for students, which reproduces the activities of various United Nations bodies. Today, you will act as delegates or observers, representing the UN member states or an organization with observer status, and together you will address the issues on the agenda"said the rector of KazNU. The welcoming speech was also made by Ruslan Bultrikov, the head of the representation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Almaty; Vlastimil Samek is Director of the UN Information Office in Kazakhstan; Mark Mudi Consul-General of the USA in Almaty; Pasquale D'Avino-Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Italy to Kazakhstan; Mohammed Shafiq Hamdam - Deputy adviser to the President of Afghanistan on UN affairs. "The UN model – the New Silk Road was a step towards advancing 17 sustainable development goals, as well as 10 principles of the"Academic influence" of the United Nations and a broader involvement of students in solving global problems" said US Consul General Mark Moody. It should be noted that the initiative "Model UN - New Silk Road" was established in Al-Farabi Kazakh National University in autumn 2013 as a national and regional center to unite all students and persons interested in the work of the UN system and create an international platform for discussion and addressing issues related to sustainable development. Model members of the UN do not act with their own opinions. They must conduct thorough research to represent the position of a particular country. MUN conferences and seminars usually last for several days, and delegates must follow the rules for international high-level debate and diplomatic meetings. MUN conferences end with the adoption (or refusal) of the final document - a document with a resolution that reflects a common position on the issue under discussion. Young people not only gain valuable experience, but also meet many interesting people, form networks with common interests and learn about the cultural aspects of diplomacy. All delegates work together to solve complex global problems. Previous topics in the MUN NSW include: - Negotiating for the implementation of the sustainable development goals of the United Nations (SDG); - promoting cooperation in the context of the economic belt of the Silk Road and the New Silk Road; - Development of the best strategies to end radicalization of youth in the region. The Model New Silk Road of the United Nations has become one of the most prestigious and highly respected programs in the Central and South Asia region (CSA). MUN NSW, with the support of UN agencies and the US diplomatic mission, is actively working to promote peacebuilding, cultural exchanges, economic prosperity and cooperation among the countries of the Silk Road, using diplomatic skills and using the opportunities provided by the UN. The United Nations Model International Conference The New Silk Road is the largest UN model in Central Asia, which is held annually in Almaty every year since 2012. The ambassadors of France, Italy, Japan and South Africa addressed the delegates. The Model New Silk Road of the United Nations promotes capacity building by regularly organizing training seminars and workshops at various universities in the CSA region, as well as holding seminars, conferences and training sessions in English and all other major UN languages. Students taking part in the conference on the team raised hundreds of hands and gave a solemn oath: always uphold the values ​​and principles of the UN. The Ambassador of Italy Stefano Ravagnan, Ambassador of France Francis Etienne also made a welcomingspeech.

They noted that at a time when many conflicts, wars and tragedies are taking place in the world, the UN platform becomes an island of unity, mutual understanding, and a search for compromise. The UN model teaches us to find mutual understanding from a youth, solve problems peacefully. Within three days the students acted as plenipotentiary delegates of the UN member states. In open and sharp debates, they defended the national interests of the represented state. The result of the event was the adoption of a final document - a resolution containing recommendations on the implementation of 17 Sustainable Development Goals to be sent to UN headquarters, as well as student initiatives in support of Kazakhstan's candidacy for the non-permanent seat of the UN Security Council. Closing ceremony took place in the Library of Al-Farabi KazNU. After the closing ceremony, the organizers of the conference arranged a tour about the city and a quest game for the conference participants.

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