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Teaching the pronunciation of vowels in English in comparison with vowels in Kazakh

Абжамиева Гульназ Нурлыбеккызы
Магистрант кафедры Иностранных языков и перевода, Казахстан, Кызылорда
Кеншинбай Темирболат Ыбрайулы
Научный руководитель, доцент филологических наук, Казахстан, Кызылорда

«Teaching the pronunciation of vowels in English in comparison with vowels in Kazakh»
Abzhamiyeva Gulnaz Nurlybekkyzy
Master’s degree student, Kyzylorda State University after Korkyt Ata, Kazakhstan
Kenshinbay Temirbolat Ubraiuly
Professor of philological science, Kyzylorda State University after Korkyt Ata, Kazakhstan

Abstract: The paper actually aims to scrutinize novel Emily Jane Bronte “Wuthering heights” as a material for investigation. Words have been arranged in groups with similar spelling and pronunciation. We have analyzed and made results on the experiment of research combination of vowels of the English and Russian languages. The similarity and diversity of languages are treated in an account of their pronunciation. At the end of our experiment we would like to make methodological guide of pronunciation.

In our study, we took as the basis two characteristics of important sounds, taken by Dalton and Seidlhofer, for testing and analyzing sounds.

First, sound is used as part of the code of a particular language. According to this, we can define and distinguish the sounds of English, French, Chinese and other languages. In this sense, pronunciation is the formation and repetition of speech sounds.

Second, the sound is used to understand the meaning of the message in a specific context. Here, other factors and code are mixed to communicate. In this sense, pronunciation is the designation of speaking. [1]

Morley correctly notes that "comprehensible pronunciation is an important component of communicative competence." Accordingly, it is very important to speak English outside the class. Success in pronunciation of English language among students can be expected in the event that pronunciation becomes an integral part of communication.

Morley argues that there are 3 important areas that the teacher should provide in any pronunciation program:

Intellectual participation of students

Emotional participation

Physical participation.

Participation of students in the learning process is noted as one of the best ways to develop strategies that help students in learning the language [2].

In order to compare and determine the similarity in the two languages, we used Emily Jane Bronte's novel Wuthering Heights. We would like to dwell in more detail on a combination of certain vowel sounds that can have a different pronunciation.

After analyzing the novel, we have found 207 words with a combination of vowel sounds [ou]. After studying the words, we can state that the combination of [ou] has 11 possible variants of pronunciation.




Combination /ou/





Devour /dɪˈvaʊə(r)/

Майлауы (oiling)



compound /ˈkɒmpaʊnd/

Сайлау (vote; election)



Soul /səʊl/

Сәулесі (beam)



Dour /dʊə(r)/

суыр (marmot)



Couple /ˈkʌp(ə)l/

Қалып (block)

Капитал (fund)



Neighbour /ˈneɪbə(r)/

Енді (and now)



cough /kɒf/

Ата (grandfather)



Would /wʊd/

Қу (sly)



Courtesy /ˈkɜː(r)təsi/




Group /ɡruːp/




Resource /rɪˈzɔː(r)s/


Table 1. Comparison analyze and similar sounds

Our observations are consistent with previously published works of other scientists who compared the sounds of Kazakh and English. These estimates confirm our hypothesis. Thus, in the English system, the vowel is marked by greater contrasts than in the Kazakh. Thus, the features of vowels are similar: anterior and mixed posterior rows; long and brief; monophthongs and diphthongs. However, the sounds / ɜː /, / u: / and / ɔː / are different from the vowels in the Kazakh language. In this case, the teacher should be shown and ask the students to simulate sounds.

/ɜ:/ similar with /ə/, but sounds longer.

/u:/similar with  /y/, belongs with /u/.

/ɔː/ similar with  / ɔ /, continuous with short sound /w/

In other words, correctly pronunciation in English can be achieved only when the teacher shows examples in the native language that have analogies with a foreign language. The communicative form of sentences in two languages ​​is expressed not only in tone, but also in lexical, grammatical and formal means. Whichever methods are applied to the communicative kind of sentences and its emotional-volitional coloring, intonation and its role in communication are very important [3].

As is clearly shown in our research on Kazakh and English languages, we state the following. Assimilation is characteristic of the Kazakh language. Constructive training of vowels is possible when comparing them in two languages. Students should maintain awareness of the language features of foreign speech for the development of skills.


1) Christiane Dalton And Barbara Seidlhofer “Pronunciation” in the series 'Language Teaching: A Scheme for Teacher Education', Oxford University Press, 1994.
2) Morley, J “The Pronunciation Component in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languagesâ”, TESOL Quarterly 25/1, 1991, 488-506.
3) Zh.K. Kaliyev, “Some problems of foreign language teaching methods,” Kazakhstan school journal, №8, P. 5, 1962.
4) Emily Jane Bronte “Wuthering heights”, 2010

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