My favorite sport

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Миялы орта мектебінің II санатты ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі
Куанышева Елена Болатовна

The theme of the lesson: My favorite sport.

The aims of the lesson:

a) educational: to explain pupils new theme about kinds of sport, sport games, sports equipment and introducing with new words;

b) practical: to develop pupilsreading and speaking skills using text about Sport

c) cultural: to bring up pupils  to go in for sport, to follow social life, to develop the interest English language, to teach pupils to take care of their health;

The type of the lesson: new lesson

Form of the lesson: group work, in pair, question-answer, discussion, guess the words, work with text;

The visual aids: pictures, sports equipment, an interactive board, colored Pencils, sport uniform.

Interaction: Physical Education

Procedure of the lesson
I. Organization moment
a) Greeting
b) Conversation with the duty

II. Homework
a) Checking up the home work
-   We check your home task with test questions.
1. 8:30
a) It`s half past eight
b) It`s half past two
c) It`s eight o`clock

2. 10:15
a) It`s a quarter to nine
b) It`s ten o`clock
c) It`s a quarter past ten

3. 4:55
a) It`s five to five
b) It`s five to four
c) It`s five to nine

4. 10:10
a) It`s one o`clock
b) It`s ten o`clock
c) It`s nine o` clock

5. 12:00
a) It`s twelve o`clock
b) It`s twelve to pne
c) It`s ten o`clock

III. New theme

– Pupils, open your books and copy books write down the date. Today`s our new theme “ My Favorite Sport”. What types of sports you know, pupils? What is your favorite? We introduce our lesson with new words.

Listen and repeat.

Skiing [ski:ŋ] – шаңғымен сырғанау

Boxing [bɔksiŋ] – бокс

hockey  [hɔki] – хоккей

Snowboading [snәubc:diŋ] – сназборд (қарлы бөгеттермен шапшаң сырғанау)

Cycling [saikliŋ] – велосипед тебу

Gymnastics [ʤimnæstiks] – гимнастика

Badminton [bæmintәn] – бадминтон (үлкен алаңға ойналатын теннис)

football [futbɔ:l] – футбол

Basketball [ba:skitbɔ:l] – баскетбол

Warm – up

Ex:1 Guess   the  sport   words

S…..m               h…..y

f.…..t                 r ….. g

b……l               b……n

b…….g           t……s

Ex: 2 Read the text


Ex: 3 Put the names of sport from the text.

I. Make the words with changing letters:

Gixbno - boxing
Botlofal - football
Nestin - tennis
Licygnc - cycling
Katalbeslt - basketball
Yechok - hockey

II. Answer the questions

1. What sport do you do at school?
2. Do you do any sport in your free time?
3. Do your friends like sport?
4. What sport do you like watching on TV?

III. Complete the sentences:

1. _________is important in our life.
2.  People can go there to do  exercise and_____ because they want to be fit.  
3.  All old people like ____and doing yoga.
4. All school boys and schoolgirls attend ________ sections in their schools.

IV. Home work
My favorite sport (write  short story)  and new words.

V. Marking
-    Pupil, today you are working very well. I`ll put you good marks!

VI. Leaving
Lesson is over, good bye pupils!

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