Great Britain's capital is London

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Ағылшын тілі пәнінің мұғалімі: Абдикалык Жансая Аскаровна

Пәні:  ағылшын

Сыныбы: 7 «б»

Сабақтың тақырыбы: This is London

Сабақтың мақсаты:

1. to give main information about Kazakhstan and Great Britain, to enrich pupil’s knowledge;
2. to develop the skills of speaking, reading on the theme, to develop pupil ’s habits in making short conversations;
3. to bring up feelings of responsibility and love

Оқыту нәтижесі:Ұлыбритания мемлекетінің тарихын,мәдениетін және Лондон қаласының көрікті жерлерін танып білу.

Сабақтың көрнекілігі: интер-белсенді тақта,флипчарт, стикерлер,ұшақ, суреттер т.б.

Сабақтың типі: саяхат сабағы

Сабақтың әдісі: топтық жұмыс, сұрақ-жауап

Сабақтың барысы:

1-әрекет. Ұйымдастыру кезеңі.

-сәлемдесу, түгендеу, балалардың назарын сабаққа аудару.

Топтың ережесін түсіндіру;

Психологиялық ахуальды қалыптастыру (1,2,6,7 мод)

Сергіту сәті: shake and more children

Come here, and choose one of these tangerine (fruits). Who choose  Astana ?sit here……

I’ll divide into two groups. Astana and London.

Our speakers are…….

Marking list.(бағалау парақшасы туралы түсінік беру)

2-әрекет. Қызығушылығын ояту.” This is London” (видео көру)

What have you seen in this video? What places would they like?

Teacher: Today our lesson will be unusual. At our lesson we’ll make a trip to London, the capital of Great Britain. We are going to travel to a secret beautiful place. Look at the theme of our lesson” This is London”. Let’s do some tasks.

I have a plane. This plane will fly from Astana to London. We have four airports writing, speaking, listening, reading. When we do this tasks a plane land this station.    

3-әрекет. Are you ready for the lesson? What do you say about London? What do you know about London? One of you come to the blackboard read or tell your presentation. Who can describe these places?

P.-1 Big Ben

P.-2 London eye


4-әрекет. work with new words.


Striking-қызықты ,керемет




-to read the text “London” (what about this text?)


London is the … of Great Britain. It is a very … city. It was founded about two thousand … ago. London is one of the most … and interesting … in Europe. There are ...   … to visit in London. There are a lot of …, art …, cinemas, theatres and … parks in London.

cities, capital, places, museums, years, old, many, galleries, beautiful, important

5-әрекет.” Hot chair” (you must answer  the questions)

6-әрекет. Write your own idea . Compare your plan with your classmates. Discuss the action. To make and prepare a poster about Big Ben and Baiterek.

7-әрекет.  “Travelling game  match the puzzle pieces to make sentences.

1.If you go to the USA, you may… visit the Grand Canyon


8-әрекет. “United Kingdom quiz” Can you complete this quiz?

1.What’s the name of British money? (pound)

2.Has the UK got? ( a queen)

3.These are three famous football teams. Which one is English? (arsenal)

4.Football is very popular in the UK but we also play this sport. What is it? (cricket)

5. This is a popular meal in the UK. What is it? (fish and chips)

6.Which one of these is the UK flag?

7.This is a very famous door in the UK. Who lives in the house?(the prime minister)

8. This English writer is famous all over the world. What’s his name? (W.Shakespeare)

9. The United Kingdom has got four  parts. Match the names with the letters on the map.(1-c,2-b, 3-a, 4-d)

10. what’s the capital of England?(London)

11.This is very famous building in London. What’s its name? (Big Ben)

9-әрекет. Conclusion “ I say the last word” Do you like the lesson? To take out a sticker and stick it according to your feelings at our today’s lesson.

10-әрекет.Reflection. If you understand everything, take this green;

If you understand something, take this blue;

If you understand nothing, take this yellow;

11әрекет. Giving homework: to prepare retelling “ This is Astana”

12-әрекет. Marking list. I am going to put marks………

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