Өлеңдер Бөлімі

You are my pride

You are in beauty, like the star,
You shine like Venus on a far,
As young and charming girl you like
Your name is written in my life.

Like shining stars from far away,
You’re little baby like today.
You are new city, there is no doubt,
Eurasia heart, we know about.

For you I’ll write a lot of books,
I want to show your beauty, looks,
Your Bayterek, Duman – all sights
Are shining closely, as stones bright.

In few years later you became,
The world’s city is your name
The most delightful, growing city,
I wish to stay the same in future.

You had an EXPO, receive the countries,
And they showed future energy branches.
So many people saw you sights,
Your days, nights, stars and lovely lights.

I’ve been to many, many sides,
There is no city as you besides,
Whenever I will be and where
I’ll take pride in you everywhere.

Developing city, very young,
The capital city of Kazakhstan
The modern city, growing fast,
Nursultan is in my heart!

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