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The role of ICT in English teaching

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№142 орта мектебінің ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі
Шалабаева Маркен Сериковна

It is impossible to imagine today’s life without computers. Laptops and tablets are parts and parcels of our students from dawn to dusk. However, for most of them computer is simply a way into a virtual world, where they can contact and chat to each other, whereas it could be a means to discover the real wonderful world.

The word ‘ICT’ includes any communication device such as computer, mobile phones, radio, television, satellite system etc. Now the role and use of technology as a tool for teaching of English language is increasing, as educators have understood its ability to create both independent and collaborative learning environment in which students can learn English with much ease. Traditional methods of imparting higher education have become less motivating. Technology plays an important role in creating innovation and motivation for the learners.

The main aim of learning the English language is to form and develop the communication culture of students. The computer learning is the enormous motivation in learning English language. Nowadays, teachers of English around the world prefer some form of communicative teaching and learning rather than the traditional methods of ELT, which dominate the teacher – centered approach and neglect the student communication skills. The ICTs have changed the pace of teaching strategies to suit the goals of his materials and the needs of his students. On the other hand, ICTs have given the students, many opportunities to practice English in and out the classroom. With the help of the modern technologies, they have time and freedom to understand, reflect and analyze what have been exposed to. Moreover, the ICTs put forward an influential base for efficient education. ICTs are very motivating, because they help the learners to learn the language which is carefully designed to meet the prescribed goals. Moreover, ICTs help the shy or the quite students who sometimes abstain from asking questions or challenging information to communicate and ask questions. ICTs enhance collaborative learning which result in higher self-esteem and student achievement. They promote critical thinking and student- student Interaction.

The use of ICTs in English language teaching has countless benefits. The development in the use of ICT, like language lab videos, satellite broadcast, videoconferencing and web seminars have support the richness and quality of education both on and off campus.

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