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Model UN. New Silk Road

​On the 5 th of March at the Faculty of Journalism of al-Farabi KazNU was held the first student press conference from the series "Model UN. New Silk Road", devoted to gender equality.

​The event was dedicated to the celebration of the International Women's Day, on the eve of which the topic of gender discrimination becomes especially relevant.

​ Addressing the guests with a welcoming speech, the first vice-rector of al-Farabi KazNU MuhambetkaliBurkitbaev noted that for the university in which 65% of staff are women, and these are women with high academic degrees, the topic is not so actual. “We have reached success because of our ladies!”. He also notedthat the initiative to hold a conference on this topic belongs to the students themselves, and the meeting was organized only because of their enthusiasm.

​The special guest of the conference, Head of the United Nations Information Bureau of the UN Department of Public Information, Vlastimil Samek, expressed confidence that it would be useful and interesting for students to exchange opinions, views and recommendations on this topic with each other.​​

​Students from two countries: Kazakhstan and India, presented their works. (students from India are at the university on an exchange program). After each mini-presentation, participants could exchange views and discuss speakers' speeches.​

​Summing up the meeting results, the guestprofessor of al-Farabi KazNU, director of the program MDP / Global Classrom, Rafis Abazov shared his hope that many more conferences will be organized, imbued with the "spirit of the New Silk Road.", because such events allow students from different countries to speak on important topics.​

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