Өлең, жыр, ақындар

Саring for our world

"Қаракөл жалпы орта білім беретін мектеп-балабақшасы" коммуналдық мемлекеттік мекемесінің ағылшын тілі пәнінің мұғалімі Сисенова Айнұр Уахитқызы 



The theme of the lesson: Caring for our world

The aims of the lesson: educational: to explain new material by the text,to do exercises correctly;

developing: to develop skills in speaking,listening and translating;

upbringing:  to bring up good behaviuor ,to be active at the lesson.

Visual aids: textbook,the map of Kazakhstan,the interactive board,audio sound,proverbs,cards.

Type of the lesson: new lesson

Methods: explaining,guestion-answer.

Connection with other subjects: Geography, Kazakh language

Plan of the lesson:

1. Organization moment

2. Brainstorming.

3. Vocabulary and pronunciation.

4. Roleplay. Talk to your partner.

5. Find and say.

6. Understand the meanings

7. Practicalwork.a) Matching. B) Complete the chart.

8. Conclusion.

9. Marking.

10. Hometask

The procedure of the lesson.

1. Organizationmoment. Greeting. Classroom activities

2. Brainstorming. What do you think?

Teacher:    Do we care for the natural environment?

                  Do we destroy the natural environment?

                  Do the  we damage the natural environment?                   

Now,pupils,let’s listen to the text about environment and be carefully.

Today the human population is so large that the effects of people on the environment can be very powerful.Naturalenvironment,actually has been damaged or even completely destroyed by human activity.

              (Pupils say their opinions and agree or disagree with the teacher)

3.Vocabulary and pronunciation.

Teacher: Read the definitions of the words.

              (students read  words from the text and talk to the class )

Damage v.t.do damage to;

Damage,n.injury to person or property;

Destroy [di` stroi]v.t.pull or break  down,ruin;

Care forv. provide for;look after.

4. Role play.Talk to your partner.

Write down all the meanings that cometoyour mind about the different ways of damaging or destroying the natural environment.What do you think of it?

Example: The people pollute water or pollute air etc.

5. Look at the map  of Kazakhstan and find the places in different parts of Kazakhstan which have environmental problems. 

6. Understand the meanings. Read the definitions of the words.Which meanings can be used with environmental problems?

Pollute  [pә’lu:t]1.make dirty or unclean

2.make filthy (dirty)

Contaminate [kәn’tәmineit]   v.t.                       1.pollute,(or make dirty)With radioactivity.


Defile [di’fail] v.t.                                                  1.makedirty;pollute

2.make ceremonially unclean

Site  [sait], n and v.                                               1.the ground chosen or used for a town or building.

2.a place where some activity is or has been conducted

                                                                                         (a camping site)

7. Practicalwork.Put the following words of underground nuclear testing site  into the correct columns. Practise the pronunciation.

Military testing site

The Aral disaster area

Biological pollution

Land degradation

Mountain ecosystem degradation

Industrial pollution

Radioactive pollution

Nuclear testing site

Uranium mining wastes

Chemical wastes

Wastes of ferrous metallurgy and coal products

A) Match the Russian word with the English word. One student at the blackboard and others write down in their copybook.

a) деградацияға ұшырау                            1.pollute [pә’lu:t] v

b) ластау(радиоактивті)                             2.pollution [pә ‘lu:shәn]

c) ластану әрекеті (экологиялық)             3.pollutant  [pә’lu:tәnt] n

d) ластағыш (зат)                                           4.degrade [di’greid]

e) ластану                                                        5.contaminate  [kәn’tәmineit] v

f) ластау,кірлету,былғау                              6.defile  [di’fail] v.


B) Complete the chart.Work by cards.






















8.Which region (oblast) of Kazakhstan has environmental problems and what are they?Complete the diagram.

9.Conclusion.Complete the chart and mark the stress.

















10. Proverbs.East or west home is best, Better late than never.

11. Marking.Thank you for your activities.That`s a good boy.Your mark is …

12. Hometask.Yourhometask is ex.10 at page 43.The lesson is over.Good bye!

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