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The Kazakh language

In the ours society contact with peoples is a important thing.And know of national language is a great capability.Because we understood together owing to our extradinary language.Without language live a impossible.If our free language were not, then our country would never blossom.I think inhabitant of Kazakhstan must speak to Kazakh language.What a pity somebody of peoples don't know your native language.For me praise national traditions and my motherland is a expensive quality.At the first our country rish of many histories.And this problems grow weaked in our mighty coutry.But Republic of Kazakhstan is etemal, innovative natoin.Our first President Nursultan Nazarbayev was recieved "Law of language" in the 1989 years.And he sayed:"A kazakh language united all of Kazakhstan and delivered be love together" But many of peoples don't understand it! At the time we have got a lot of problems.I heard on society this words:"When you don't know a Russian and English languages, that don't do work"Do you put a question in yourself? Why are we agree this senselessness words?! I know, it is necessary respect other traditions! At first have to need of respect your Kazakh language! If in case you will love of ancient and soverigh country, we be created goodness a forefathers.I believe, we will win together this problems and reach a key of achievement!Remember, protect our language-protect our valuable!!!

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