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25-th anniversary of IRF

This year the International Relations Faculty of al-Farabi Kazakh National University has celebrated  its 25-th anniversary.

The IRF was established in 1995 on the initiative of Zh.U. Ibrashev, a prominent professor in international studies. Professor G.Sh. Zhambatyrova was appointed as the first dean of the Department. In 1995 only 252 students were educating at the Department while at present almost 1000 students have been studying in five specialties – «International Relations», «International Law», «Regional Studies», «World Economy» and «Translation Studies».

Nowadays there are three departments in the faculty: the department of International Relations and World Economy, the department of International Law and the department of Diplomatic Translation. The professors have been doing their best to promote its scientific, educational directions having made many scientific researches, participating in international conferences, developing multilateral international cooperation with leading foreign Universities and scientific centres from more than 25 countries of Europe, America and Asia: USA, Great Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Hungary, China, Turley, India, Russia and others. To date, the International Relations Department has enjoyed the reputation of a major centre for both education and research indispensible for forming and enriching the pool of highly qualified professionals in the field of international affairs for modern Kazakhstan.

The Department successfully employs the most pioneering techniques and teaching methods. It is accordingly considered a talent factory preparing young professionals for the work in the fields of international relations and foreign policy, international law and world economy. The academic achievements of the Department are impressive. The professors and Department members have been publishing intensively on the issues international relations, international law and world economy; there have been hundreds of books on both research and teaching matters in addition to the articles, which number has exceeded one thousand, including those published abroad expanding the reach of its scholarship far beyond Kazakhstan and illustrating the contribution of its academics in the development of their respective fields.

Due to its academic and teaching advancement, the Department has gained its prominent place within the academia of Kazakhstan and beyond. The Department has been maintaining tight, fruitful and sustainable partner relationships with a number of the most reputable Universities throughout the country and internationally. On the Academic Mobility program students many  universities study in the faculty: French ,China, South Korea, Tadzhikistan, Kyrgyzstan and so on… .

The work of the Department alumni in executive and legislative organs of Kazakhstani government, namely in the Parliament and Government Apparatus, Kazakhstani MFA and diplomatic missions as well as intergovernmental organizations have been illustrious for the well-deserved recognition of their alma mater. Understandably, the Department graduates are of the highest demand in academic and research institutions as well as businesses throughout Kazakhstan and abroad. The teaching and academic excellence that have been consistently maintained by the International Relations Department of al-Farabi KazNU and its rich and profound academic traditions are the solid ground for optimism and future success. Recently there has been a meeting of IRF alumni at Western-Kazakhstani TV. On the initiative of  Darkhan  Sagidullin-alumni of 2017-such an air meeting has taken place in Uralsk. Alumni of different years met and discussed interesting issues. Nowadays they work in different spheres, but still remember and miss their professors. It means that while  studying  in the International Relations Faculty students not only accumulate great knowledge, but as well they develop as personalities… .

Career diplomats of the MFA and current President K.K. Tokayev provided the Department with generous support and assistance. Being the first and foremost Minister of Foreign Affairs of the RK K.K. Tokayev delivered lectures for future diplomats, and he was among the first to defend his dissertation on the new for that time in Kazakhstan specialty «International Relations» in the dissertation board of the Department. It was significant support in the formation of the Department. Arystanbekova A.Kh., the first Permanent Represantative of the RK in the UNO, Ambassador Plenipotentiary and Extraordinary Issagaliyev and others delivered lectures for students of the faculty.

To date the International Relations Faculty of al-Farabi Kazakh National University has become the leading one among Central-Asian Universities.

Karipbayeva Gulnar


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