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The Importance of Teaching as a Profession

In a world full of information and data, there are two priceless resources, which are knowledge and time. Despite the numerous opportunities for gathering evidence, the teaching profession is still in demand. This essay will outline the main reasons for the significance of being a teacher. Turning back to history, teachers were the main actors in the upbringing of children. The reason for it was the constant support and schooling of youth. Overall, in a 21st-century situation is still the same. What is more, even adults take part in the academic process and do not neglect the teaching profession. Educators directly affect future generations and prosperity in the world. Society consists of the various mentors, professors and coaches. All of them involved not only in science but also in psychological education. The modern society offers numerous spheres for the personal development, such as sports, music, science or art. For example, to be a great tennis player, the court and ball will be not enough. Thus, the need for the teacher as a coach cannot be underestimated. With the help of the trainer, it is possible to gain a theoretical background, to evaluate the mistakes and to expect better results. To sum up, the experience and knowledge of the teachers are the main reasons for the importance of this profession. Nowadays, every person can find any information in books or the internet, however, teachers are more than Google search. With their help, there is a personality formation and educational improvement.

М. Жұмабаев атындағы №19 орта мектеп-гимназиясы КММ
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