Корейская косметика премиум класса

My favourite university

My name is Algibayeva Orleu, I am 18 years old, I am from the city of Astana.

This year I entered the Al-Farabi National University, the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology. My university is the number one in Kazakhstan and is among the top universities around the world. This university has a rich history, graduates of this university are highly valued and in the future they have the opportunity to work in well-known companies of the world. The quality of knowledge here is at the highest level. All conditions are made for students, there is a library, there is also a sports complex where you can enroll in any sport that you like, this shows that the university pays great attention to the health of students. As for me, it's amazing, the Treasury is given freedom of action, thereby you can express yourself in completely different aspects. This university gives an opportunity to develop from all sides, because student life is very developed. Various events are constantly organized, where a chance to prove yourself is given. You can also participate already from the 1st year at research events and promote your scientific work. Personally, I joined a student organization and am now actively engaged in student life, before I could only dream about this because I was afraid to open up to people. But the university changed my views and in general helped me to discover new opportunities for myself. I am very glad that I entered the Al-Farabi National University. I am proud to be a student of such a prestigious university, because thanks to this university, new horizons are opening up in front of me, and the path to a happy future.

Student from Astana Algibayeva Orleu. 

1st year student of the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology of KazNU

Under the leadership of G.S. Kairakbaeva

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