Корейская косметика премиум класса

What happiness is?

Happiness is an inner state when a person is completely satisfied with life, when a person feels warmth and comfort. Each person has their own values and their own understanding of happiness. If for one person it is connected with money, material things, then for another it is the health of relatives. People can even see happiness in small things. But the main thing is that it is definitely associated with a wonderful feeling.

Happiness means different things. For example, for someone it means having relatives, friends, being rich, having a job, doing something that you like. And also, achieving the goal that a person has been striving for so long also makes a person happy. You can immediately understand whether a person is happy by behavior, emotions, actions. For me, rainy weather, cozy evenings at home with family and my cat, cooking sweets, cakes, meetings with friends, outdoor recreation is happiness.

In conclusion, there are many reasons for happiness. People should see and cherish this wonderful feeling.

Kosherbayeva Makhpal

1st year student of the Faculty of Chemistry and chemical technology of KazNU

Under the leadership of G.S. Kairakbaeva

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