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The theme of the lesson: Ecological problems Grade-9

                                        The theme of the lesson: Ecological problems

Aims of the lesson:

♦ to check the knowledge of students’ in the English
♦ Language
♦ to develop the abilities to speak English
♦ to teach the students to be able to discuss the
● to develop students habits in speaking and listeninig
● to protect our nature and save our planet
Earth ourselves and future generation.
I. Org. moment.
a) Greeting.
- Good day my dears! Sit down, please. The theme of today’s lesson is “The ecological problems”. Today we are going to discuss about the problem of environmental protection. You know that people all over the world are worried about the environment. The issue of ecology is important. The first of all look at the blackboard and pay attention
If you want the life be cool,
Like a full of colour picture,
Don’t forget one golden rule:
Be careful with nature!
II. Phonetic exercise.
- Let’s listen to the poem very attentively and try to understand what does it mean - “change to green”.
Rub your eyes and look around,
Litter lying on the ground,
Bottles, cans and polythene -
Take the tip and change to green!
Forests going up in smoke,
Cities fit to make you choke,
Nowhere left to be that’s clean -
Take a breath and change to green!
Animals and plants have died,
People starve to feed our pride,
For the life that might have been
Take a stand and change to green!
There is so much that isn’t right,
It could get you well uptight,
So make a start and change the scene -
The lights are flashing – change to green!

P1. I think the word “Change to green” means to love nature.
P2. I think it means to solve all the environmental problems.
P3. To my mind we should protect our environment.
P4. People must protect animals and plants.

III. The main part of the lesson.
a) Speaking:
- Our planet is nice and beautiful. But there are some ecological problems. What are they?
P1. The water is polluted.
P2. The air is polluted.
P3. Birds and animals are frightened.
P4. Trees are cut down.
P5. Litter is left.
P5. Fires are started.
- You are right. All this problems are serious and important. I gave you some ecological problems for discussing. Your task is to find the information. Now its high time to tell us about the given topics problems. One by one. Please, start.

Pupil 1: Air pollution.
Pupil 2: Water pollution.
Pupil 3: Global warming or greenhouse effect.
Pupil 4: Acid rains
Pupil 5: Land pollution.
b) Listening Comprehension:
- now listen to the text “Environmental protection”, look at he sentences in the tests on your desks but the first pay attention to the words on the blackboard. Repeat after me. I don’t ask you questions about the text, here is a test. Complete the sentences using the right word, we’ll see how you understand the text.
Environmental protection.
The poisoning of the world’s land, air and water is one of the most important problems of our civilization. The seas are in danger. Many companies dump chemical and nuclear waste into water. The Mediterranean is already nearly dead; The North Sea is following. The Aral Sea is on the brink of extinction. Half of the lakes in the world are polluted. If nothing is so done about it, one day nothing will be able to live in the seas.
Air pollution is also a very serious problem. Because many factories release sulfates into the air. When the sulfates mix with the clouds, acid rains fall and harm all living creatures. In Cairo just to breathe the air is like smoking two packs of cigarettes a day. Mexico City and 600 cities of Russia have dirty air. This causes different diseases. Because of different kinds of pollution every ten minutes one kind of animal, plant, or insect dies out forever.
People begin to realize that environmental problems are our problem. These are a lot of international green organizations that take care of the environment and “Green Peace” is one of the most active. Many governments are waking up and making strict laws against pollution. Scientists are trying to make factories and plants cleaner. In many countries there are big plans to clean up the water. And every person must do his best to help our planet survive.

1. Environmental protection is an…………….. problem.
a) easy,
b) important,
c) pleasant.
2. Factories pour a lot of ………………. into air and water.
a) a shortage,
b) waste,
c) pollution.
3. What caused the …………. of wildlife?
a) destruction,
b) poison,
c) population.
4. Many rivers and lakes are …………..
a) poisoned,
b) filled,
c) used.
5. Many scientists try …………… ecology problems.
a) to solve,
b) to know,
c) to protect.
IV. Relaxation.
- Listen to music and try ti write the slogans about the environmental protection.
Example: Love our nature!
People don’t destroy the nature!
People protect animals and plants!
People plant trees and flowers!
Wildlife needs our help!
People protect our nature!
Think our nature!
V. Quiz.
Here is a quiz It is the final task of our lesson.
1. The gradual warming up of the Earth called ……… warming. (alogbl)
2. Acid …… destroys trees and kills fish in lakes. ( ianr)
3. The hole in the ………. layer may cause encrease in skin cancer.
( oonze)
4. Electricity is produced in ……….. stations. ( oerwp)
5. The waste from this kind of 4 stations remaines dangerous for hundreds of years
( neauclr)
6. Many factories dump dangerous ………. straight into the sea.
( michecals)
7. Burning things release……. dioxide into the atmosphere. ( boncar)
8. The exhaust fumes from cars and lorries cause serious ……… in many cities around the world. ( llutionpo)
9. A good example of the problem of desertification is the …………
Desert. ( Shaara)
10. Huge areas of tropical rain ………… are disappearing every year.
( orestf)
11. Some gases trap the heart from the Sun in the Earth’s atmosphere making the Earth warmer. This is called the ……… effect.
( grehoenuse)
VI. Conclusion.
- Our short discussion is over. I’m sure that you are the real friends of our planet We all must do what can to keep the air, water, land clean. You worked hard. Thank you!

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