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Young leaders

Cабақтың тақырыбы: Young leaders


Білімділік: оқушылардың танымдылық ой – өрістерін кеңейту, алған білімдерін еркін қолдануға, кеңейтуге дағдыландыру.
Дамытушылық: ойлау, еркін сөйлеу, тапқырлық, шапшаңдық қабілеттерін дамыту.
Тәрбиелік: ағылшын тіліне қызығушылықтарын арттыру, отанына, елде тұратын барлық ұлттарға деген құрмет, достық қарым - қатынасқа тәрбиелеу.
Method of teaching: question - answer, multiple choice, matching
Leading: Good morning children, teachers and guests.

 “Қазақстан халқы бүкіл әлемде үш тілді пайдаланатын мәдениетті ел ретінде танылуға тиіс. Бұлар: қазақ тілі - мемлекеттік тіл, орыс тілі - ұлтаралық тіл және ағылшын тілі - жаһандық экономикаға ойдағыдай кірігу тілі ”.Әлемде 3 мыңнан астам тілдер бар. Ағылшын тілі ең кең тараған тілдердің бірі. Ол көптеген елдерде мемлекеттік тіл болып табылады

We are glad to see you. Welcome to our “Young  leaders” competition. Well, today’s competition we have four  teams.  We will introduce today’s competition’s rounds.
They are called:
I. Introduction
II. Polyglot
III. Test
IV. Zhorga
V. Who is quickly?

VI.  The competition for captains
Well, let me introduce the member of juries:

Ok, let’s begin competition 1st round introduction.
Ok, pupils the 2nd  round called “Polyglot”. That is there are a lot of balloons. Each balloon has got Kazakh riddles. You must find its answer and translate into Russian and English.
1. Қабат - қабат қаптама,
Ақылың болса аттама. (Кітап - Книга - Book)
2. Жазу жазып жалықпаған,
Жаза - жаза арықтаған. (Бор - Мель - Chock)
3. Ашылып, жабылады,
Әр үйден табылады. (Есіе - дверь - Door)
4. Гүл ұшып, гүлге қонады,
Гүл бақшам гүлге толады. (Көбелек - Бабочка - Butterfly)
5. Төрт қарны бар,
Бір аузы бар. (Үй - Дом - House)
6. Ұшында бір тамшы,
Уы бар сұр қамшы. (Жылан - Змея - Snake)
7. Қалқиған ұзын құлағы
Елеңдеп қорқып тұрады. (Қоян - Зайц - Rabbit)
8. Күші десе, күші бар
Тісі десең, тісі бар.
Торуылдап ауылды
Түнде жортар ісі бар.(Қасқыр - Волк - Wolf)

The 3rd  round “Test”.
1. Болымсыз сөйлемді толықтырыңыз.
I___ not play football
A) does
B) was
C) did
2. Сөйлемді ағылшын тіліне аударыңыз.
Мен теннис ойнаған жоқпын
A) He does not play tennis
B) I do not play tennis
C) You do not play tennis
3. Болымсыз сөйлем құрастырыңыз.
Does, watch, she, not, TV
A) She does not watch TV
B) Does she not watch TV
C) Not does she watch TV
4. Сan модаль етістігін дұрыс қолданыңыз
A) Swim can I
B) I swim can
C) I can swim

5. My car is _______ than of my friend’s

A) faster

B) fastaest

C) fasteer

6. Your work is _______ in class

A) worse

B) the worst

C) bad

7. There isn’t ___ snow on the ground

A) many

B) much

C) few

8. Do you like those apples?

A) Yes, it is nice

B) No, it isn’t good

C) Yes, they are nice

9. How ___ money do you have?

A) much

B) many

C) any

10. Did he help his mother yesterday?

A) He didn’t help

B) No, I didn’t

C) Yes, he did

- The 3rd round is “Zhorga” There are four themes: music, sport, history and custom. Every theme has three questions. You can choice one of these box is which you like.

















10 - Listen to music
20 - Parody
30 - Who are the author is hymn of our country? (N. Nazarbaev. Zh. Nazhimedenov. Sh. Kaldaiakov)
10 - Who is this? Which team he plays? (Messi , Argentina)
20 - Olimpic champion of heavy athletics in Kazakhstan? (Iliya Ilyin)
30 - Where will start Olympic games in 2016? (Brazil)
10 - What country’s flag is this? (The USA)
20 - When did the capital transfer from Almaty to Astana? (1997)
30 - How many regions has got Kazakhstan? 14

10 - Tell Kazakh customs about young baby
20 - Find. What kind of games is this? (Audaryspak)
30 - Young boys and girls are participants in this game. The girl on the horse does her best to gallop from the young man but as soon as the boy tries to overtake her she lashes him whip. If – up to a certain place – the boy fails to overtake her, she would “reward” him with whipping again. If he is a success he earns a kiss. What kind of game is this? (Kyz kuu)

The 4th  round “Who is quickly?
Making up more new words from the given words
Schoolchildren – school, children, on, in, cool, door, or, she, he, hen, doll, ill, hill, red, cold, child..,

The 5th  round “The competition for captains”

- The last round is “Captain’s compete”. Every captains should answer the questions in one minutes.
1. How many players are there in a football team? 11
2. What colour is the sky? Blue
3. When is the Independence Day Of Kazakhstan? On 16th of December
4. What is the 1st month of the year? January
5. What is the state language of Kazakhstan? Kazakh
6. What is seven plus eight? 15
7. What is the English for піл ?

8.What’s the weather like today?

9. What is the English for үй тапсырмасы ?

10. What is the English for тақта ?


1. In which city is “Baterek” situated? Astana
2. How many days are there in a week? 7
3. What cheese made from? Milk
4. How many states are there in the USA? 50
5. Who wrote “Abai zholy”? M. Auezov
6. What is nine plus five? 16

7. What colour is the sun? yellow

8. What is the English for осы шақ?

9.  What is the English for мектеп?

10.  What is the English for бау – бақша?


  1. What is the name of the 1st Kazakh national cosmonaut? T. Aubakirov
  2.  Give the opposite of the word “poor”. Rich
  3.  What is the name of our President? N. Nazarbaev
  4. What is the Big Ben? ( a clock)
  5. Who was the first President of the USA?- George Washington
  6. What colour is the flag? Blue and yellow
  7. What is eleven plus six? 17
  8. What is the English for өткен шақ?
  9. What is the English for отбасы?
  10. What is the English for ауа райы?


  1. When is сelebrate Nauryz? On 22nd of March
  2. What is the last month of the year? December
  3. What is the capital of Kazakhstan? Astana
  4. Give the opposite of the word “slow”. High
  5. Which month has got 28 days? All the months
  6. What is the capital of England? London
  7. What is eleven plus three? 14
  8. What is the English for саяхат жасау?
  9. What is the English for жануар?
  10. What is the English for мектеп пәні?


- Dear juries, please, conclude all points of rounds. If juries to come a conclusion, make winners public, please.
- Dear teacher, guests and pupils thank you for your attention. The lesson is over. See you soon. Good bye!



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