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Buying food


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Есбагамбетова АлияТаухановна


Grade: 6

The theme: Buying food


- to present of the lesson “Buying food”

- to learn the topical words.

-to broaden the children’s knowledge about healthy and unhealthyfood.

- todevelop the children’s communication skills them thinking abilities.

- to teach children’s to listen and respect each other.

Inter subject connection: practical grammar.

Grammar:“there is/there are”

Visual aids:English book, flipchart, cards, stickers, basket, pictures of food.

The form of the lesson: the shopping lesson.

The procedure of the lesson:

I. Organization moment:

-Good morning, children

-Good morning, teacher, we are glad to see you!

-I am glad to see you, too.

-Sit down please!

-Who is on duty today?

-Who is absent?

-What was the last lesson?

Repeating the last theme aboutcountable and uncountable nouns.

II. warm- up activity:

Food Quiz

At first, match the nouns(the pictures of food) and stick them

  1. One red fruit, one green fruit, one yellow fruit  ___________
  2. Two kinds of food which are made from milk  _________   _________
  3. Three things people have for breakfast.  _______  ________  _________
  4. Four kinds of vegetables from which we can make salad.

_____________   ____________  ______________  ______________

III.Work with the new words.

Flavour-жұпар иіс


Vanilla-ваниль, ванилді


Unhealthy food-ден саулыққа зыянды тамақ

Healthy food-ден саулыққа пайдалы тамақ

IV. Pair work:exercise 3

Complete the table looking at the pictures of baskets and find the healthy and unhealthy food:

Healthy food

Unhealthy food




Mineral water



Coca cola







V.Group work: “Let’s play shop” We must divide into two groups “strawberry” and “pineapple”.

Look at the picture and video. What about these?

-Yes, you are right.These picture and video about shopping. I’ll give you mixing dialogue and you must find the order variant of mixing dialogue. Make a poster!

-Excuse me!

-Can I help you?

- Yes, please.Three small ice-creams.

-What flavour?

-What flavour have you got?

-I have got strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and pineapple.

-O.K., one strawberry, one pineapple, one chocolate, please.

- Here you are.

 - How much is that?

They’re 60 tenge… that’s 180 tengealtogether.

VI. Pronunciation Practice

[ᶞ ]this, that, they, these    

[ᶿ]three, third, think, thank

VII. Word building:

Exercise11. Match the nouns to make new words and do exercise in your notebook.

VIII. Home task:

Make a dialogue about your shopping. Learn the active vocabulary.

Marking:  For each right answer you have got cards. Counting! Please.How many cards have you got? Your mark depends on them.

IX. Conclusions:

Children! Today you have done good job. Excellent!Lesson is over Good bye!



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