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How has your daily life changed at university

Student life is a time of new acquaintances, it is at the institute that you can meet many interesting and educated people, someone at this time finds their love and best friends. Many guys have to work in order to continue studying. They have very little time, but somehow they manage to combine work and study. In the morning on couples, in the evening at work, and at night for textbooks. It's a difficult rhythm, but you need to build your future. Someone is lucky, some students do not learn anything and rest all the time because they have good connections.

It is during their studies at the university that many face blatant injustice. A lot happens in life. Student time is the best time, a person learns about life, makes many interesting connections and acquaintances, learns a profession and gets the skills necessary for work and communication.

I entered the Kazakhstan National University. I studied hard to become a student at this university. At the moment, Iam also a member of the student organization and take an active part inthe daily student life. Our team is responsible for improving conditions forstudents, for coordinating student events such as concerts,sports events, fundraising events, volunteer work, etc. 

International conferences are often held at our university. There are alsofrequentinternational programs based on educational exchange. AndYou can go to countries such as China, Korea, Turkey and Japan. I hope Iwill have a chance to become an exchange student.

I moved to the city of Almaty and now I live here with my sister in a house 

I actively participate in various events and often act as a leader in seminars or lectures

Being a student is a time when we can fully surrender to our feelings, feel a lot of experiences, make our first serious mistakes (and, of course, there is no way without them, because only by stumbling, we can really learn something). These lessons, taught by life, will most likely remain in our memory forever.

Monastyrnaya Yelizaveta 

1st year student of the Faculty of  Medicine and Health in KazNu

Under the leadership of G.S.Kairakbaeva.

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