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How my life changed in kaznu

How much has my life changed in the last few months? Coming from high school to university means a huge academic jump and a complete change in my life. Even though high school was my first academic experience. Since i opened world of kaznu, my life chanched in good way, After I gave this change some thought, I came to the conclusion that going to college at an earlier age has brought this change.  I have noticed that I am more mature and aware of what goes on at school; I spend more time working on my future career than I do anything else, and I am a better student academically. 

Life at the university has made me a much more sociable person.  I joined a local organization that is based on academic politics.  It's very interesting and there are a lot of good people. I started my first steps of adult life and communication with a lot of new people, some of them are now my friends. 

Process of education not changed well, it's like in school but without forcing to exercises. It's now depends on your own choice and determination to studying. I started reading more and doing my homework, which I didn't do in school.  Many new subjects have appeared, such as sociology, cultural studies, political science and others.  These are very interesting things that raise the level of general education.

I live in the same city as the university, in Almaty.  And I don't have to live in a hostel where it's tight and noisy.  But sometimes I envy those who live there.  especially when you're on a bus full of people and can't find a seat. I'm an hour away from Kaznu and it's not that far, I'm hoping to get a car next year.  to achieve faster and generally be freer. I have a lot of plans for life and career.  and I hope that if I continue my studies, I will be able to achieve everything I wanted in life.

Ilyanov Akram
1st year of the faculty of chemistry in Kaznu
Under the leadership of G.S. Kairakbaeva.

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