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How my daily life has changed at university

University is a new step in the life of every person. The best years of our lives are spent at the university. A person during his studies at the university changes, becomes a personality. I have just become a student, however, in this short time a lot has changed in my life. How has my life changed since university? I entered the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University. I was very glad to come here, because KazNu is famous for its qualified teachers, high level of knowledge and many other advantages. The qualifications of the teachers appeared immediately. Every week, our curator holds a class hour, where he is interested in our problems, helps us adapt. After a month of studying here, I realized that I need to study first of all. That I should be ready for my actions. It taught me to become more responsible, more independent. I also joined the sbbp community. Everyone received me very friendly, they immediately got to know me and became interested in me. It scared me a little at first, but later I realized that there was nothing to be afraid of. Thanks to this, I took part in a dance competition, met many guys, learned how different people can be. Now I continue to be an activist, participate in various competitions, meet new people, develop my skills and explore the world from different points of view. In conclusion, I want to say that after studying at the university, my life has changed and is still changing for the better, helping me become a person.

1st year student of the Faculty of Chemistry in KazNU

Under the leadership of G.S.Kairakbaeva

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