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How my life changed at university

My life changed dramatically when I entered the University of KazNU, which is considered the first in Kazakhstan. First of all, I moved to an apartment that was closer to the university, but I still drove for at least one hour, which was a little disappointing. But I could sleep on the buses if there was a free seat, which did not happen very often and I had to stand for an hour until the bus arrived at the university. At university, the curriculum is very different from the school one, because at university you have to study the material that teachers would have told us at school. From the day I entered university, I began to eat more balanced meals so that my stomach wouldn't spoil. At university, I made such wonderful friends who will help in any problematic time. I also want to say that my level of English and Kazakh after entering the university began to move forward rapidly, which makes me very happy. It is much more pleasant to study at university than at school, and this delights me.

1st year student of the Faculty of chemistry in KazNu Under the leadership of G.S.Kairakbaeva

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