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The contribution of home front workers to the victory of the Great Patriotic War


On the eve of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war, we can note the contribution of home front workers who together with the soldiers made this victory in difficult conditions, built new enterprises in the shortest possible time, reconstructed old enterprises, gave all the necessary conditions for the front, victory over the fascists. And who yesterday the great Patriotic war of 1941-1945 located in the wall. We probably do not understand that mothers who had sons in the war, women whose husband was at the front, and young children whose father was in the army and went to war. And yet we know that most of our ancestors who went to defend the Fatherland during the harsh years of the great Patriotic war did not return home.

The great Patriotic war demonstrated the importance of the human soul. Our ancestors once again proved that the Earth is priceless. "A man who comes to us with a sword dies by the sword!"said the son Alexander Nevsky. During the war, there was a great contribution of home front workers to the victory at the front. Due to the involvement of men who worked in agriculture at the front, their place is taken by the elderly, women and children who remain in the country. As you know, the front was provided with food and raw materials by almost women, children and the elderly. This year, the 75th anniversary of the great Victory is a celebration of home front veterans who worked in the rear during the war.

One of the main sources of our army was communication with the rear. Weapons, ammunition, shells and food were sent here. In all corners of the country, industrial enterprises were reconstructed in martial law, and funds and resources were sought everywhere to help the front.

Great attention is paid to participants and invalids of the great Patriotic war, persons equated to them, and home front workers. In 2015, the national budget allocated 5 billion us dollars to provide one-time financial assistance. 183 thousand tenge is provided. In particular, participants and invalids of the second world war-100 thousand tenge, persons equated to the participants of the second world war-70 thousand tenge [1].

Any wars, troubles no other person of good to the child brought pain. In the history of more than 60 million people who did not lose their lives, the war did not go without the Soviet government. In this regard, fifteen allied States that have faith, wisdom, language, defended from one sleeve, defended from one sleeve, retreated from one Bank, fell on their fists, and resisted the fascist invaders. This victory did not make it easier for us. The Soviet government deprived about 30 million people. In the first years of the war, the economic situation of the USSR and its equipment with military weapons fell far behind in comparison with Germany. In this regard, the people of the Soviet government "Elim, zherim" went to the front, not to have weapons in their hands, to miss their duty to the Motherland, to destroy the German fascists and protect their country.In this war, we made a significant contribution to the victory, the merits of the home front workers. These were home front workers who provided the front-line soldiers with food, warm clothing, and ammunition. The burden of the work of the rear, who went to the collective farms and savkhozes on the shoulders of the elderly and women and children. From 5 am to 10 am, home front workers who worked on the battlefields worked on the fronts of the great Patriotic war.

This year we celebrate the 550 th anniversary of the formation of the Kazakh khanate, the 20th anniversary of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan, the 70th anniversary of victory in the great Patriotic war and the 70th anniversary of victory in the great Patriotic war. Our region, receiving dozens of evacuated factories, called on rear workers to provide warm clothing and food for troops at the front.

During the war, the leading workers, collective farmers, engineering workers and scientists overcame great difficulties, showed strong endurance, and created the means for victory. "Everything for the front, everything for victory!"," we are Working as at the front!"," Work not only for yourself, but also for your comrades who have gone to the front!" Advanced workers using innovative methods of work met two or even three or five standards. There were new heroes of labor who gave ten or more norms. The struggle for bread became an important condition for ensuring victory, as the Soviet peasants well knew. Girls and boys sitting at the wheel of a tractor and combine did not return home for a week, worked without difficulty. The Soviet intelligentsia made a great contribution to the victory of the enemy. With dedication and creativity, our scientific and technical staff contributed to the rapid creation of new enterprises, introduced the latest scientific achievements into production.

In the monograph of M. K. Kozybayev»Kazakhstan-Arsenal of the front " discusses the issues of resource mobilization of the Republic of the Communist party of Kazakhstan, a worthy blow to the enemy, specialists, work among women, the creation of a women's Council, Fund-raising, clothing collection, holding months of assistance to the families of front-line soldiers, leadership of Komsomol, trade Union, socialist competitions, public approach to work, improving living conditions for workers. At the beginning of the war, the Party organized brigades sent to various regions of the Republic to mobilize resources and determine the situation to help the front. Section 4 provides for the transfer of the national economy of the Republic to martial law, which is taken into account in a critical condition. During the war, the rational use of internal reserves and resources was of great importance. Party organizations checked the state of accounting of raw materials, materials of aldara, the order of their expenditure at enterprises. The monograph covers the issues of labor feats of farm workers, the problems of Stakhanovites, the problems of production, hypocrisy. In 1942, special attention was paid to the merits of the workers of the West Kazakhstan regions in providing the front with all necessary needs, work during the battle of Stalingrad, and valiant labor in achieving this goal [2]. In the works of M. K. Kozybayev, the activities of the party on the development of industry in the Republic on the basis of various data, the participation of regional party committees and district officials in the mobilization of resources for front-line needs, the implementation of decisions of the government and the State defense Committee are widely covered.

In the book by M. Kozybayev " Communists of Kazakhstan and the years of the great Patriotic war "(Almaty, 1960), "great feat" (Almaty, 1980), "Almaty during the great Patriotic war" (Almaty, 1970), "Almaty during the great Patriotic war" (Almaty, 1977), "Kazakhstanis in the battle of Stalingrad" (Almaty, 1977), "heroic epic" by G. Doskaliev, in separate multi-faceted articles. Recently, new views on this topic, as well as the opinions of a number of domestic historians, for example, M. K.It is found in the works of Kozybaev, T. Balakaev, G. Aldazhumanov, and others.

These are the people. Simple and elastic. Not for nothing is experiencing difficulties that hit the head. A great victory came to us thanks to such selfless people. This is an example for the future generations of the heroism of people who work. During the meeting, the main directions of the Address of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. A. Nazarbayev to the people of Kazakhstan "Nurly Zhol-the way to the future"were discussed. Only in life, where such a character has been formed, can one find happiness. The life of our brave ancestors sings to us.

The Soviet rear was solid and solid throughout the war. He provided all the necessary efforts to achieve a great Victory and the aggressor of Germany. He highly appreciated the feats of workers of the home front of the Patriotic war, 199 of them were awarded the title of Hero of Socialist Labor, more than 204 thousand were awarded orders and medals. The specially created medal "for valiant labor in the great Patriotic war of 1941-1945" was awarded to 16 million workers, collective farmers, and intellectuals. On may 9, 1945, the General solemnity of the Soviet people marked their victory over Nazi Germany. After the end of the war, tens of thousands of workers of industry, agriculture, and culture of the region received a commemorative medal "For valiant labor in the great Patriotic war of 1941-1945". The Communist party's call "Everything for the front, everything for the victory of the enemy" received the support of the entire Soviet people. a significant contribution to the all-Russian struggle against the enemy was also made by the class of work, collective farming, and the intelligentsia of the Krasnoyarsk territory. The Motherland of Siberians-Krasnoyarsk residents did not forget, their selfless work was worthily noted. During the war, more than 20 of the best production teams and groups of workers in the region were awarded orders and medals of the Soviet Union [3].

A total of 1,403 home front workers were awarded during the war, including::

Order Of Lenin-58

The order of Kutuzov I degree-1

Order Of The Red Banner Of Labor-143

Order Of The Badge Of Honor-401

Order of the Patriotic war I and II degree-16

Order Of The Red Star-180

Medal "Enbek Erligi ush" - 316

Medal "Eren enbegi ushin" - 288

1418 days and nights the Great Patriotic war continued - the immortal battle of the Soviet people with fascism-the enemy of humanity, Germany. The Soviet people made every effort and won the victory for the Motherland and its independence. But this victory was won at the cost of great sacrifices. How many mothers did not expect their sons! How many wives the husband did not expect! How many orphans are left on our land!.. It was a difficult time for our country. The path to victory was difficult and long. It came at the cost of great sacrifices and material losses. 20 million of our compatriots died for the victory. The Soviet people showed mass courage at the front and in the rear. I realized that the consequences of the war lasted over time, they live in families and their legends, in the memory of our fathers and mothers, they pass to children and grandchildren, they remember them. The war lives in the memory of all the people [4].

The world must not forget the war, the stress, the suffering and the death of millions. This would be a crime against the future, we must remember the war, the heroism and courage of past people. The struggle for peace is the task of those who live on earth, so one of the most important themes of our time is the theme of the courage of the Soviet people in the great Patriotic war. Our generations know about the war from the lessons of history and literature. Veterans of the great Patriotic war and home front workers remained little. We respect these people, their past and sincere mood, the Lord is before them. Why do they learn from us?

I want to show the younger generation love for the Motherland, tolerance for the trials of the home front workers of the war years, the best qualities of a person: patriotism, sense of duty, responsibility, selflessness.

As a result of the article I came to the conclusion as follows:

1. home front workers made a great contribution to the victory over fascism.

2. most of them are women, the elderly and children aged 10 years.

3. they built facilities, engaged in agriculture, engaged in transportation, export of goods, and supply of weapons for the front.

4. their hard work is an example for young people.

5.for the victory in the great Patriotic war, the home front workers, like all Nations, paid a terrible price.

The best holiday in the world is the great Victory day. Let the veterans! Everyone worked for the country, for the people. In the same process that finds its continuation! as the veteran of the home front Ali Zhylybayev noted, we will always keep in our hearts the heroic work of our brave soldiers, loyalty to the Motherland. Do not forget that the immense work of heroes and home front workers who gave fire for fire will never be forgotten. For the peaceful sky and happy life left by your generation, we thank You for living in peace and harmony.

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