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Modern technologies and their role in human life

Today, there are a lot of technologies in the world that could not have been imagined, say, ten or fifteen years ago. These are all kinds of gadgets in medicine and in all branches of science, in business, construction and much more, smartphones, ultrabooks, tablets and much more. It will take many months, if not years, to list them.

Even some ten or twenty years ago, many more people died from various diseases, but now, largely thanks to new medical equipment, many of these diseases have become curable. These innovations are everywhere around us. For example, at home-computers, telephones, televisions, washing machines, microwaves, refrigerators, and much more. In business, these innovations are simply irreplaceable. Almost every two or three months, such world-famous corporations as Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Microsoft, Sony and many others, release new, more advanced and multifunctional products. Today, there is so much choice in electronics stores that you do not know which phone, for example, to choose.

Just as the coin has a downside, these innovations have big downsides. These disadvantages include the fact that long-term work, say at a computer, greatly deteriorates vision, people communicate less with each other live, replacing it with phone calls, correspondence or video calls.

But, despite all the disadvantages, we can not imagine our life without these technologies. For example, what would you do on a hot summer day without a refrigerator? Without a washing machine? We are so used to all these objects that it seems that they have always been, are and will always surround us.

Әл-Фараби атындағы ҚазҰУ, Филология және әлем тілдері факультетінің 1-курс магистранты Ергалиева Ботакоз; жетекшісі - ф.ғ.к., әл-Фараби атындағы ҚазҰУ доценті Данат Жанатаев

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