Корейская косметика премиум класса

How my life has changed at university

This year I entered one of the best universities in Kazakhstan. KazNU is recognized as the first university in Central Asia, taking 1st place in the QS Asia University Rankings 2023: Central Asia. And accordingly, students must comply with this rating. You need to succeed both in education and in activism.

Many people come here from different cities. And of course, like everyone else, I was uncomfortable from the fact that I am very far from home. I didn't know anyone, I was all alone. I missed my home, family and friends very much. But I am very sociable and it helped me to make friends with many guys. If compare my life before university and after, I can definitely say that I have become more responsible. I started doing everything on my own. It was hard for the person for whom everything was always done. Also I started the center of time and correctly distribute it.

I also lost contact with some people. This is either because of the long distance, or communication was temporary.

At university, students are given much more freedom than at school. Teachers understand and interact with students. In addition to studying at university, there are many different clubs and organizations that often organize various projects and events. By joining one of them, I made many friends and found my place at university among them.

I went to university with fear and anxiety about the unknown. But now I spend my days with friends and do not regret that I entered this university.

1st year student of the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical technology of KazNU

Chemical expertise and analytical control of production

Baibatyr Zarina

Under the leadership of G.S. Kairakbaeva

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