Корейская косметика премиум класса

Spiritual development of students as a means of implementing the "Ruhani Zhangiru" program

Problems of development of upbringing undoubtedly deserve close attention, as it is about the future of Kazakhstan, values of our society and national security of the country, which is rooted in the education, creative development, civil formation of the younger generation.

To date our country has built up an integral system of upbringing focused on current needs of society and the state as a whole. That is why the development of upbringing in the educational system of the Republic of Kazakhstan in recent years has rightly become one of the highest priorities.
In 2017, President N. Nazarbayev announced the beginning of the third stage of Kazakhstan's modernization - Rukhani zhangyru - modernization of social consciousness. "The first condition for a new type of modernization is the preservation of its culture, its own national code. " - N. Nazarbayev.[1]

"Rukhani Zhangyru" - program article of the Head of the state, focused on the revival of spiritual values of Kazakhstanis, taking into account all modern risks and challenges of globalization. In the era of globalization one of the important factors of education of the current generation is the formation of the value of history and historical consciousness.

As is known, the "Rukhani zhangyru" (spiritual enlightenment) program includes 6 special projects: "Tugan zher", "Sacral geography of Kazakhstan", "Kazakhstan culture in modern world", "100 new textbooks", "Transfer of Kazakh language to Latin script", "100 new faces" which are realized by four basic subprograms: "Atameken", "Turbiye zhane bilim", "Rukhani kazyna" and "Akparat kolokyny".

The idea of patriotism occupies a special place in the development of modern society. Problems of education of patriotism among the younger generation are especially relevant in the rapidly changing conditions of development of society.

Kazakhstan patriotism - has its own features, as Kazakhstan is developed in the process of historical development as a multi-ethnic state, with a history of living here more than 120 peoples.

The patriotism of Kazakhs today is based on a sense of pride for their country, which in contrast to other post-Soviet states, has managed to avoid inter-ethnic conflicts and break out on the world stage, and become a consolidating spiritual and political factor in Eurasian integration.
It is necessary to take into consideration, that formation of new patriotism is impossible without historical self-consciousness of native people, as it gives the opportunity to realize the necessity of keeping historical heritage of their state. The history of the Kazakh people is the most important part of the world history and nomadic civilization, so its study takes an important place in the formation of the Kazakh patriotism and historical consciousness of the younger generation and respectful attitude on the part of other nationalities. After all, Kazakhstan in the difficult years of history became a second homeland for many peoples of the tsarist and Soviet periods.

To preserve and multiply spiritual and cultural values - this is the main goal of the President's program article "Rukhani zhangiru" - a look into the future. One of the areas of modernization of public consciousness is the work on the formation of a sense of patriotism. This love is the basis of the cultural and genetic code, which makes any nation a nation, not a collection of individuals.

Today's students need to talk even more about history. And now they must also create history themselves, positive history, so that our descendants will have a desire to study it.

A student today is the same age as the sovereign Kazakhstan. We've grown up according to the traditions of the Soviet Union, our parents lived in that era, so we were brought up and educated according to the likeness of those times. But our children know very little about the Soviet Union. The program will be useful for them. We have to renew our minds, renew our goals and our aspirations. We have the task to become one of the 30 developed countries, we have to do it with the people growing up together with our country, so we and the people who will come after us have to think in a new way. The very name of the program says that people have to start thinking differently, while knowing the history of their ancestors. Due to this program there is already a result, even we - descendants of the Soviet epoch - start to think in a new way. "Ruhani Zhangiru" is a great chance for many talented people to show themselves, to realize their ideas, to become known not only inside the country, but also outside it. The Kazakhstani people have a clear path ahead of them and all six instruments of modernization of consciousness are not new and have long been known to all; on the other hand, of course, it is important to understand that the President chose them from hundreds of others and chose exactly those which, in his opinion, are most suitable for Kazakhstan today, and now they must be used correctly.
It is important to understand that Rukhani Zhangiru is rather a big and very responsible work of the whole nation, thanks to which Kazakhstan must occupy its own niche on the world stage.

In essence, today we realize modernization of public consciousness - we create the worldview and worldview of the competitive nation of the future.

Yerkinay Ernst, Nurlykhan Aljanova

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