Өлең, жыр, ақындар

My favorite sport

 Zhetysu region
 Panfilov district
 Kishishigan secondary school
 Nurdaulet Ayala, 14.
We have a TV in the hall . We often watch TV with our family. I don't watch TV most of the time. But sometimes in my spare time I  watch it. My favorite channel on TV is KAZsport. I love watching other teams play there. I often watch volleyball there. My favorite team is Fenerbahce from Turkey. My favorite volleyball player in that team is Zehra Gunes. I like their games. Apart from this channel, sometimes I watch Kazakhstan 1 channel. I like to watch historical movies on this channel. Sometimes the movie "Oyan Kazakh" is shown on this channel. Love watching it again and again. Thanks to that, I actively participate in history. Because there are many historical moments in that film. I really like these two channels.


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