Өлең, жыр, ақындар

My favorite dessert

 Zhetysu region
 Panfilov district
 Kishishigan secondary school
 Serikkhyzy Shugyla

My name is Shugyla. I want to talk about my favorite cake. My favorite dessert is a cake. I have been baking cakes since the 4th or 5th grade. The first cake I baked with my mother was a honey cake. I ask my mother to  help with gas stove, because it is necessary to maintain technical safety in the kitchen and use it with the help of an adult. There is a risk of fire if you do not follow safety rules. My favorite types of cakes are Whoopi pie and chocolate cake. I bake a chocolate cake for each birthday of our family members. Because my brothers love this cake. We love to have a cake for dessert in our family. I recommend eating a chocolate cake


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