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Ағылшын тілі мұғалімі: Жумашева Жайнагуль Сагингалиевна

9 «а» сынып


The Aim of the Lesson: to develop speaking skills of pupils with tasks solving the problem.

Educational objectives: using new words to describe movies and TV program, understanding words and their definitions.

Developing objectives: to develop understanding and speaking skills of pupil, using the grammar structures, making up questions or interviewing.

Bringing up: to bring- up children to know what is good or what is bad things in their life.

Visual aids: interactive board and slides, pictures, cards, books, colored pencils, paper, poster.

Procedure of the Lesson:

1. Organization moment

- Good afternoon, boys and girls! How are you today? Take your sears! Who is on duty today? What date is it today? Who is absent today?  Are you ready for  today's lesson? Please, be active! Let's begin our lesson!

2. Checking up  the home task:  “My article”

3.  Brainstorming.

you should guess what word is it. Pay attention! Listen to me carefully!  All listen to me!

What word is it?

1. Movement with music.  (dance )
2. Soap opera, thrillers, adventures, western in the box or on the screen. (movie)
3. Playing, hiking, running, swimming, boxing, wrestling news or games.  (sport)
4. The sound with seven notes. (music)
5. Pictures, masterpiece with paint. (painting)

Dance, movie, music, sport, painting are comprised the ART.

- You must guess the theme of our  lesson yourselves. That's why let’s look at the white board, read the phonetic exercise and guess what theme we will deal with. Please, who wants to start?

4. Presentation.

Right you are! All of this words connected with TV. The theme of our lesson is television and the aim of  our lesson is to get more information about  advantages and disadvantages of TV. But before starting our lesson let’s read some new information about television.

Slide 6- the story of TV;    slide 7- the inventor;          slide 8 – the TV sets;                    slide 9- what can you do with…

Slide 10- for or against;    slide11- is it true or false; slide 12- put the missing word; slide  14- find the definition.


5. Practice.

Writing task on cards.

To fill the blanks with the words.

frightening, comedy, boring, action, western, cheerful, exciting, cartoon


1. An action movie is a movie which with a lot of fighting and it can be violent.
2. A comedy is a movie which is funny and it make us laugh.
3. Ghost movies are frightening.
4. Adventures movies are exciting.
5. Romantic movies are sometimes boring.
6. Western is a movie about American cowboys usually riding horses quickly and wearing hats.
7. Cartoon is a movie with animations like Tom and Jerry.
8. Music programs are cheerful.

Giving the definition of the pictures.

-Teacher: All look at the screen. Here you can see some pictures and you should give the definitions of them.

news -                            1. Information about what is happening in the world.

quiz show-                      2. People try to win prizes by answering questions or quessing the questions get education

soap opera-                    3. Story of the daily life of a family

educational program-     4. Information for pupils and students. Developing pupils' and students' scope

couch potato-                  5. A person who spends much time sitting or lying down,usually watching television

adventure-                      6. Adventure Films are exciting stories, with new experiences or exotic locales

cartoon -                         7. A cartoon is a illustrated, animated visual art. Specially for children

talk show-                       8. A program where a group of people come together to discuss different problems or forth by a host.           

topics put  

6. Production.

Discussing task. Solving the problem.

I’ll show you the video which is connected with television, after that you must say your opinions about television. I divide you in two groups and gather you sheets of paper, you are to show your opinions on the paper.

Pupils opinions:

- I disagree with ..... . Because we'll be coach potato and lazy person.

- I agree with .... . Many films as soup operas make our life boring. Sometimes we adidcted on TV and soap operas.

- Watching TV for a long time  is harmful for our health, damage eye sight.

- One of the reason watching TV is it plays important role in our life. It is difficult to say if it is good or bad for us. But more positive and negative sights.

- I agree with ...... . At the first place television is an entertainment. We don't go to cinema, don't spent money.

- I think we can see plays, films, sport events, news, music programm, talk shows, science program.

-  It is one-eyed monster.

Teacher: Why is it a Monster

- Because it eats up time

- It kills conversations

- Some programs are annoy able

-  Too much violence is shown on TV.

- TV can be harmful to our health.

- Watching TV we can’t go outdoors, to the cinemas, theatres, restaurants and even we can’t visit our friends, relatives.

On the positive side

On the negative side

 Magic box
Interesting  shows
Window of the world
Gives us company

 Develops different skills

One-eyed monster
Eats up time
Kills conversation
Some programs are annoyable
Too much violence
You can’t go outdoors…
Harmful for our eyesight

Slide 15- true or false;

Example 1; Example 3.

7. Conclusion.

Teacher: Each should write down your conclusion word and read it.

Finally I want to say the word of famous Kazakh poet Abai Kunanbaiev:

Beware of five evil

And be closer to five in good deeds

If you want to be a good person

Finally what can be said about the impact of TV is that it can be both good and bad. Most of the time it all depends on who is watching. Similar to what was mentioned in the  arguments above it has been proven that the television is not all bad or all good, but both.

Giving the home task. To write an essay about '' TV in my life''

Reflection. The lesson is over. Good-bye!             

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